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Wallek Spezialtransporte GmbH

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Our core business is Special transport. With over 100 years of experience under our company belt, we offer reliable transport quality at fair prices.

Our organisational structure means we can offer the services of a large company at the cost structure of a family business.

Every year we process around 5,000 Special transports from single orders to projects.

Wallek Spezialtransporte GmbH

Who we are

Founded in 1910, Wallek Spezialtransporte GmbH is now in its fourth generation as a medium-sized family business.
With a constant training rate of over 10% we pass on our professional expertise preserving our knowledge and skills for the future.
As a founding member of the European heavy haulage cooperation BigMove we are established at a regional, national and international level.

Wallek Spezialtransporte GmbH

Vehicle fleet

Our modern fleet of vehicles is designed to meet construction and industrial needs. Particular attention is therefore given to the vehicle equipment that meets the highest safety and load safety standards, minimising liability risks.

The combination of fuel-efficient engines, special driver training and consistent monitoring using telematics equipment on board all Wallek trailers exceeds the legal requirements. The design and composition of our specialised fleets means shorter journeys thanks to increased agility and faster permit processes due to the permanent permits available to us. This is sustainability in action.

Drop-centre and flat beds

  • extremely flat loading height of 22 cm
  • extremely light, therefore fewer axles needed
  • better manoeuvrability
  • particularly large shaft recesses for the deepening of cantilevers

Wallek Special transport: flat bed

Semi low-loaders, trailers and telescopic trailers

  • minimised weight
  • extremely flat drive-on angle
  • generous and well thought out lashing points
  • telematics equipment with three-minute tracking timing

Construction machinery transport with the flattest drive-on ramps

Wallek special consignment for chemical plants

Truck with loading cranes/articulated arm cranes

  • truck trailer units with front and rear cranes

Vehicle fleet info flyer


In addition to the statutory provisions, we voluntarily conduct monthly checks and maintenance operations at our in-house workshop, so you are sure to be safe with in our hands.

Ensuring your cargo is optimally secure on the most suitable vehicle is therefore a matter of course for us.

You can find further details in the following certificates available to view or print:

DEKRA vehicle assessment

Insurance confirmation 2014

Successful recertification for Wallek in accordance with DIN ISO 9001

Successful recertification for BigMove in accordance with DIN ISO 9001

Gesund und sicher: Arbeitsplatz LKW

Securing of cargo

Training certification

Skilled trades register

Wallek Spezialtransporte GmbH

What we do

We make your projects ours, advising and supporting you before, during and after the job is complete. Our core business is heavy haulage and logistics services for construction and industry. This includes transport and transhipment to crane services, assemblies and storage, through to complete projects.

Wallek Spezialtransporte GmbH

Special transport

We guarantee customer satisfaction with our special consignment operations through a pragmatic combination of modern vehicles and efficient planning. To do this, we synchronise the work of our specialists, from preparatory work and resource planning through to workshop activities and right through to the cab itself; the result of decades of experience and TÜV-qualified work processes. These different areas work together likes cogs in a machine, providing the best possible result.

Wallek Spezialtransporte GmbH

Loading cranes

We operate state-of-the-art truck trailer units with front and rear cranes. Experienced operator personnel together with the special crane vehicles pave way to an efficient range of applications:

  • projecting edges are dealt with,
  • can be craned into buildings,
  • placement possibilities are enhanced,
  • low loading heights are guaranteed at the crane vehicles,
  • the vehicles are suitable for European long-distance transport.   
Wallek Spezialtransporte GmbH


Our project portfolio includes, of course, route reconnaissance, procuring all domestic and foreign permits as well as providing our own escort vehicles.
The BigMove membership ensures integration into the unique, 80-tonne cargo network of the cooperation. For you as a Wallek customer, you benefit from the fact the route permits are already available on the most important motorways for standardised Special transport. Times for the numerous permit processes can sometimes therefore be cut in two.

Wallek Spezialtransporte GmbH


Washing and repair services can be carried out in an “outpatient” fashion directly on the A9 motorway north of Munich − almost in passing. Often, cleaning the equipment on the low-loader is more effective than unloading the equipment first. However, as delays on the construction site, a lack of space or shifts in follow-up orders are more often the norm, the corresponding “inpatient” storage capacities are available. In this case, the down time can be used for the maintenance and care of your machine. Shorter maintenance intervals avoid failures, as is proven.

In our registered master workshop, basic cleaning, repair paint jobs, maintenance, repairs or necessary restructuring measures can be carried out directly over the course of interim storage.

For loading and unloading activities, a forklift truck with 12 tonnes of lifting capacity is available as well as, in close proximity, telecranes providing all lifting requirements.

When providing vehicles on a permanent basis, we provide you with vehicles tailored to meet your needs − according to a customer-specific needs analysis − and, if necessary, complete with your corporate design and with drivers.

This is frequently more economical because you avoid costly administrative processes that are necessary for operating your own vehicles. We do all that for you.

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